Residenza Zanardelli
Residenza Zanardelli

Guest House Piazza Navona: the wonders of Rome near you

Residenza Zanardelli is situated in the heart of the historic city centre near Piazza Navona. All sites of tourist interest in Rome and the institutional buildings are within easy walking reach.

  • Palazzo Madama 290m - 3 minutes walk
  • Piazza Navona 350m - 4 minutes walk
  • Palazzo di Giustizia 400m - 5 minutes walk
  • Pantheon 550m - 6 minutes walk
  • Palazzo Montecitorio 700m - 9 minutes walk
  • Castel Sant’Angelo 700m - 9 minutes walk
  • Campo dei Fiori 700m - 9 minutes walk
  • Via Del Corso 850m - 11 minutes walk
  • Ara Pacis 850m - 11 minutes walk
  • Via Condotti 900m - 11 minutes walk
  • Trevi Fountain 1100m - 13 minutes walk
  • Vatican city 1300m - 16 minutes walk
  • Trastevere 1300m - 16 minutes walk
  • Piazza del Popolo 1300m - 16 minutes walk
  • Piazza Venezia 1400m - 17 minutes walk
  • Piazza di Spagna 1700m - 23 minutes walk
  • Vatican museums 2000m - 26 minutes walk
  • Circus Maximus 2200m - 28 minutes walk
  • Colosseum 2400m - 30 minutes walk
  • Residenza Zanardelli, situated in the heart of the historic centre, offers you a wonderful stay amidst the wonders of Rome. The most famous tourist attractions of the Capital being only minutes from this Guest House.
    Only 350m from the hotel is the most famous of all the Baroque squares of Rome, Piazza Navona, which features the works of fine artists such as Bernini (the 4-river fountain), Borromini and Rainaldi (the Church of Sant’Agnese in Agone) and Pietro da Cortona (the frescoes of Palazzo Pamphilj). In the ancient Roman era, it was the Stadium of Emperor Domitian, which he had built to host the Greek athletic games of which he was particularly fond.

    From the other side of the Tevere, it is also possible, in only minutes, to reach Castel Sant’Angelo. This outstanding example of the historic and artistic heritage of the city, has changed its purpose several times. It originated as a funeral monument (Adrian’s Mausoleum) commissioned by the same emperor, to then become an impregnable stronghold as from the time of the Gothic-Byzantine war. Then in the Middle Ages, when Giovanni Gaetano Orsini was elected Pope under the name of Nicholas III the famous Passetto del Borgo was built, that physically and ideally connected the castle to the Vatican. It was under Pope Urban V that the destiny of the castle was intrinsically linked with the papacy, that adapted it to act as a residence in which to shelter in times of danger. Thanks to its solid and fortified structure the Castle houses the Vatican Archives and Treasury, although it was also adapted to act as a court and a prison.
    Due to these numerous changes in function, the appearance and plan of the castle, was subject to ongoing conversion work, throughout the course of four centuries.

    Near Castel Sant’Angelo, and only 1300 metres from Residenza Zanardelli, we find the Vatican City, papal seat of “Pope Francis”. Here it is possible to visit the Basilica of Saint Peter with the Dome and the Papal tombs , the Vatican museums and the Sistine Chapel .

    The important historic buildings such as Palazzo di Giustizia (Palazzaccio), Palazzo Madama and Palazzo Montecitorio, which today house important government headquarters, are only minutes from Residenza Zanardelli therefore making this Guest House the perfect location for those coming to Rome on business.

    The world famous shopping streets such as Via Condotti, where it is possible to find the leading Italian-designer names, and not only Italian names, and Via del Corso are within easy strolling distance, along the Tevere or along the quaint cobbled streets of the historic city districts.